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Your order is produced at and shipped from state of the art facilities in Atlanta, Georgia.

Orders are generally prepared for shipping the business day following receipt of order.

Personalized cards are generally prepared for shipping within two business days of receipt of order. (The cards have to be dry before we can fold and ship them!) These times may vary slightly during the peak season as the holiday approaches.

How long it takes to receive your order after it is shipped will depend on the shipping method you select.

Domestic shipping Shipping options (within the United States) range from mail (First Class or Priority) to courier Fed Ex economy 2 day service, or Fed Ex overnight (next business-day) service.

Please note that Next Business Day service refers to delivery time after shipment: orders are generally shipped the business day after receipt of order.

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Contact us at Custom@GreatGreetingCards.com.

Corporate, institutional, and government work a speciality.

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Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee:
We guarantee you'll pleased with whatever you order.  Backed by a money-back guarantee.   If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will cheerfully replace it or refund your money. You need only advise us, and return your order within 30 days. What could be simpler?
Folded Cards - 5" x 7"
10 24.50
25 48.95
1 3.50
Folded Cards - 3" x 5"
12 14.95
Special Gifts  
T-Shirts - Youth sizes 16.95
T-Shirts - Adult sizes 19.95
SweatShirts 34.95
Ceramic Mug 12.95
10" x 15" POSTER prints 14.50
20" x 30" POSTER prints 29.95
Desk clocks, 4" x 4" 14.95

Specialty items are featured in our special collections

If there is a particular specialty item (poster print, shirts, or other special gift) you would like for an item which is not shown, please contact: CustomerCare@GreatGreetingCards.com
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